How did COVID-19 affect e-commerce? How do stores handle the new situation? This you will learn from our article. We indicate industries that have grown and analyze trends in consumer behavior.2020/06/24

ECOmmerce – ecological responsibility in online businesses

Did e-commerce miss the eco and zero waste trends? Check what approach e-stores and their customers presents in matters of ecology and environmental protection.

What awaits us in 2020, or the most important trends in e-commerce

The dynamic growth of ecommerce continues, with trends and innovative solutions an integral part of it. What trends will dominate the ecommerce industry in 2020? We’ll try to answer this question in this article.

Why it is worth investing in e-commerce in the service industry

Ecommerce is not just about selling products, but also services. There’s still room for small and mid-sized businesses, which can enable their clients to quickly buy and pay online by having a website that facilitates using their services.

Summary of 2019 in e-commerce

The end of every year is the time when you usually sum up and analyze your activities so far to better plan your activities for the upcoming year. To make that task easier for all online store owners, we have prepared a 2019 e-commerce round-up.

Automation in e-commerce and how to implement it

Automation in e-commerce is not just marketing automation. There are many more processes that you can automate, including stock management and order processing. Learn how to implement automation in your store.

How to make the most of the holiday season in your online shop

The end of the year is the best sales period of the year for most online stores. What to do to make good use of it? We have some tips for you!

Online payments as a key element in e-commerce

We all know how important payments are for online sales – they are the final stage of the purchasing process. If you run an online store, a proper selection of the payment system is as crucial as the choice of an e-commerce platform.

Data anonymisation as a safe method of personal data protection

The year 2018 was the year of GDPR. The decision of the European Union to tighten up the rules on processing and protection of personal data has affected the activities of companies worldwide. Find out what it is and when to use data anonymisation.

Do clients like chatbots – about chatbots in e-commerce

It is hard to ignore the benefits of implementing a chatbot, especially that because of the current technology development, it is not difficult to build one.

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